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Innovation Centre in Housing for Adapted Movement (In-HAM)
Innovationcenter in Housing for Adapted Movement

Responsible Person: Pierre Breyne 
Role/Responsibilities: Leader WP 12, User Requirements and User-Evaluation

In-HAM is initiated in November 2000 by a group of Flemisch partners ,specialised in care for disabilities represented by the Service center Gidts and some partners , specialised in the construction industry , represented by the BBRI ( Belgian Building Research Institute, Brussels ),the BCDI ( Belgian Centre for Domotics and Immotics, Brussels ) and IMEC ( Interuniversity Micro-Electronic Centre, Louvain).
In-HAM wants to create a reciprocity between technology (of construction, mobility, communication, home systems etc.) and the solution that assistive technology supplies for the disabled and elderly person.
The main objective is to stimulate the way to live independent in daily situations.
The cooperation with the industry is of main importance, the In-HAM-centre as a meeting point between the industry and the people with special needs.
In-HAM is an innovation centre by which, in consultation with the industry, research is executed on existing and new assistive technology, taking into consideration the critical evaluation of the user and the therapist.
By the confrontation between unsolved problems of the users and the therapists on the one hand and the original designs of all kinds of aids on the other hand, In-HAM will get the challenge to develop an innovation stimulating centre.
In-HAM is a centre of expertise which delivers services to persons with special needs (handicapped as well as elderly people ) with the intention of a qualitative adjustment of his/her life/work –environment and, secondly, to the industry that gets the opportunity to develop assistive technology with a real commercial chance .
The users experience represents a feedback for the manufacturer and an expedient to optimize the product. So the product will contain a higher level of usefulness.
The In-HAM building offers 4 testing –facilities. The disabled and elderly person will stay a short period in one of the dwellings. During this period of testing, the circumstances will be adapted through which the user can reside in optimal conditions.
In collaboration with his/her personal advisor, a specific plan can be designed .That plan can be translated in a real living-environment.

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The CompanionAble project is co-funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme

(Grant Agreement Number 216487).

Start Date: 1st January 2008
Duration: 48 Month

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