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Center for Usability Research and Engineering (CURE)
Center for Usability Research and Engineering   (CURE)

Responsible Person: Arjan Geven
Role/Responsibilities: CURE contributes to the WP2 End-users’ and Stakeholders’ Needs Hierarchy Requirements Engineering; is Leader in WP7 - Ethical & Practical Evaluation in User Test Beds: The Smart Home Scenario; and is involved in WP8 - Ethical & Practical Evaluation in User Test Beds: The Smart Home Scenario and WP9 – Comparative usability evaluation of the Integrated Robot Companion & Smart House Environment Scenarios: realisation and evaluation of an integrated solution

CURE is one of Europe´s leading organisations in the area of User Experience Research comprising the fields of Usability Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), User Interface Design, User Centred Design, Next Generation Interfaces and User Experience Research. CURE has been working on the development and application of user centred design methodologies, innovative user interfaces and natural interaction environments for several years. CURE comprises a highly interdisciplinary team assembling all skills of contributing disciplines such as computer science, psychology, sociology, pedagogy, didactics, design, architecture, communication science or management science.
Over the years CURE has been involved and led more than 150 projects and initiated and has been involved in several national and international initiatives. Among these are 12 research projects funded by the European Community. Currently CURE participates in the following four FP6 IST projects: WalkonWeb, Liaison, TACIT and Laboranova. Apart from these international projects, CURE conducted also a wide range of nationally funded research projects, such as the national research project Zielleitung (Goal Guidance), in which a system was developed to guide elderly through public environments (e.g. train stations, airports).
CURE’s research concerning usability, accessibility and user experience ensures that the user needs and end-user acceptance of CompanionAble are properly addressed throughout the project. CURE is equipped with a leading edge and highly flexible user experience laboratory (lab based as well as mobile) comprising the whole range of most advanced user research and demonstration facilities. CURE takes a leading role in the evaluation field trials in Europe, and particularly setting up and leading the trial taking place in Austria.

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The CompanionAble project is co-funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme

(Grant Agreement Number 216487).

Start Date: 1st January 2008
Duration: 48 Month

FP7  e-inclusion

The "e-Inclusion: be part of it!" campaign is organised by the European Commission. More information on this action is available at  http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/einclusion.  The European Commission bears no responsibility for, nor is it involved in, the events, documents or other manifestations associated or claiming to be associated with the campaign, unless indicated otherwise.